Princes of the Universe

Episode #9: Martial Law!

The NAC moves in full-force in respone to these terrorist threats!

The NAC declares martial law and moves in full force about 24 hours after the “terrorist” attack. All of the news stations start running stories featuring Marius, the masked Mr. Cockcroft, a masked Prof. Pont Neuf and a strange man made of water destroying property and killing people at the locks. At first, before the declaration of martial law, the news stations ran stories of speculation: who are these people, what is happening here? Buzz on the Web has a lot of favorable flavor, but there are also negative feelings and more questions than anything. Who are these people? What are they doing? Were people killed? Is this a hoax?
The NAC begins portraying them all as terrorists. They killed ten people with their rampage. They are officially branded as enemies of the state. In the meantime, the team is attempting to spread their counter-propaganda around the nets to whip up some support. And that from a cave in the Olympics.
Once the group had gathered back at the apartments and Dr. Miek had been taken downstairs by Prof .9, everyone was ready to relax. Unfortunately, Hephaestus gathers up some information that points to odd troop movements and hints of military power being mobilized. Using his contacts Hephaestus confirmed his fears and informed the party that the NAC would declare martial law within 24 hours.
Prof. .9 put Dr. Miek in a mental rape van and tried to extract as much information as possible from Dr. Miek before the cordon caught them.
Hephaestus starts to gather information about the force that arrives to encircle Seattle in a huge 20 mile radius. They come with heavily armed and armored soldiers, telepresence drones, urban assault vehicles, power armor, robotic vehicles, gunships, attack helicopters, detection drones [birds and bugs] and all of the detector drones have a Geiger-type device that alerts them to the presence of exotic energies.
The troops, combat mechs, urban assault vehicles and such all permeate Seattle with outposts and bases, carving the city and sharply defining the boundaries of its familiar districts. At the same time a circle has been drawn around the city, the edge forms a massive line 20km from the center of Seattle. This is where the sensor drones start their job. Their only job is to detect and relay location of exotic, meta-human energies. They come in the shape of crawling and flying bugs, cats, dogs, and birds. They get everywhere and begin to scour every inch of Seattle for the meta-human terrorists. Hephaestus does his information gathering bit and finds a lot of information on the robotic creatures. He alerts the team to the danger and they immediately begin setting up a secondary site using an old bolt hole of Marius’ in the middle of the Olympic wilderness. It takes Marius, the Invincible Mr. Cockcroft, and Gauss a bit more than a day to make the necessary changes and gather the proper items to make what was little more than a cave livable. Prof .9 is feverishly peeling layer upon layer of Dr. Miek’s mind apart to get at the juiciest bits, consuming all the information he finds there. With time growing short, Professor .9 and Lenore take his vegetative body and drain it of blood (Lenore is very gothic), leaving it in the basement of the apartment complex. The team then gathers and jumps to the Olympic Base.
Seattle settles into its state of martial law with the citizens cooperating with the heroic soldiers.

In the end, the team escaped before being detected by the NAC and have set up shop in a substandard establishment in the wilderness of the Olympics. This is the end of Part One.



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