Princes of the Universe

Episode #8 The Hydromorph Rises

The heroes fight Dr. Miek's latest creation.

This week our intrepid adventurers finished fighting the furious Hydromorph and avoided a flyby of some NAC troops. Once the fourth man of Dr. Miek’s team hit the water, Hephaestus’ drone picked them up on its radar. Hephaestus moved Bullfrog over to the two shapes floating in the water and saw that one quickly swam for the shore while the other remained still. He alerted the rest of the team to the escaping minion and kept an eye on the floating experiment. Suddenly, the man floating in the water jerked and shook and seemed to come awake. Quickly, Bullfrog began losing visual on the man who seemed to fade into the water, losing consistency. Seconds later Bullfrog lost communication.
The team began closing in on Hydromorph’s position as well as a crowd of individuals who had been attracted by the commotion. A large crowd had started to gather. People were using cameras to catch all of the action. They were witness to the Hydromorph reaching a private yacht floating nearby. The Hydromorph was able to flow up the side of the boat and started trying to communicate with the occupants. Most of the people threw themselves off the boat and started swimming to shore, except for one woman who became cornered and frozen in fear. Marius took his boat in closer and tried to catch the Hydromorph’s attention, but not before the strange creature attacked the woman. A massive bulb of water traveled up it’s body to the end of a swinging arm, it’s weight smashing into the woman and sending her flying a hundred meters to a dock reaching out into the locks. She landed hard and smashed into some crates, skidding another twenty feet.
At this point Marius is finally able to catch the Hydromorph’s attention by ramming the yacht with his own craft. Due to the damage already inflicted by the Hydromorph, the yacht begins to sink. Marius and the Hydromorph exchange blows, neither being able to damage the other. Marius is too quick for the Hydromorph while the Hydro is to amorphous for Marius to affect with his blades.
In the meantime, Mr. Cockcroft has been using his mighty leaping abilities to their fullest effect. He launches himself from the bridge when he sees the last soldier pull himself from the water along the parkway. The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft comes down like a ton of bricks, smashing into the side of the soldier’s head and knocking him unconscious with one vicious blow. Afterwards he leapt to the aid of the woman on the dock only to find that she was near death. With another great leap he made it back to shore near where Prof. Pont Neuf was standing in the crowd and asked for the help of a doctor. Instead of a doctor, Mr. Cockcroft found a nurse, snatched her up and leapt back to the dock. The nurse was very disturbed by this and tried to get away. Mr. Cockcroft, not wanting his presence to be the cause of the damaged woman’s death, once again leapt away, this time to land next to Marius who had taken up residence on a thin jetty near where the yacht and his own craft had sunk.
During all of this, Hephaestus is still monitoring the communication satellite and finds that the Enemy is sending observers and making all of the public units (police, medical) stay back. The observers arrive quickly and are detected by Prof. Pont Neuf. He used his telepathy to invade their minds, but found it difficult at best. Once inside he realized that the difficulty stemmed from wetware. The observers were cyborgs. Working with Hephaestus, the two heroes send messages to the observers that one of their number has been compromised. One of the observers reaches over to the back of the “compromised” unit’s cranium and switches him off. The cyborg collapses and its companions drag it quickly away.
Meanwhile, The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft has leapt back to the railway bridge to try and get a better view of the missing Hydromorph which has disappeared beneath the surface of the locks. Unfortunately, this only gives him a nice view of the massive wave that the Hydromorph has created to try and crush Cockcroft. Not to mention the people who have started to crowd onto the walkway that parallels the railroad from both sides of the locks. They are taking pictures of Mr. Cockcroft and cheering him on. Marius is in the water and has been caught up in the wave. He decides to try and teleport as much water as he can in the hopes that it will cause the Hydromorph some problems. He teleports a huge ball of water out of the wave and onto the track nearly knocking Mr. Cockcroft back into the drink. The massive wave lessens and only clips the bridge, but it is enough to knock many people into the locks. A severed leg is left behind on the bridge.
Hephaestus takes command of a nearby tug and brings it around to start getting people out of the water. Marius heads back into the water near the largest group of drowning citizens and teleports them, water and all, right on top of Prof. Pont Neuf. Pont Neuf begins to do his best to resuscitate and administer care to the injured. The Hydromorph is nowhere to be seen. Hephaestus, still monitoring the communication satellite, realizes that they are sending in two Crisis Response Units along with some air support.
The team decides to make a break for it. Mr. Cockcroft jumps south making it all the way into SoDo, coming down through the roof of a city bus garage and surprising a maintenance worker. One of the Crisis Response Team air support units detected Mr. Cockcroft while in the midst of his jump and gave pursuit. They caught up to him as he exited the garage. A battle ensued. The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft took a 30mm lead hose to little effect and then set about trying to disable the sky skiff. Hephaestus joined in and together they brought it down. Marius made one final jump (having already jumped the rest of the team back to the apartments) and picked up Mr. Cockcroft.
After all was said and done, ten people lost their lives during the Hydromorph attack, Marius and The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft were filmed doing battle with said Hydromorph, and Marius was photographed by an adoring public. Dr. Miek was captured and taken back to the apartments by Lenore and The Amazon. What could possibly happen next?



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