Princes of the Universe

Episode #7: The Set Up

The group gets ready for Dr. Miek and his cronies.

So the heroes are able to get the jump on Dr. Miek and some of his flunkies by figuring out the location of his next experiment. Dr. Miek was located on Thursday coming out of a building adjacent to the Seattle Locks. The Amazon alerted Hephaestus to the sighting and Hephaestus was able to track Dr. Miek’s vehicle to the Wal-Mart/GE Building downtown. His attempts to gain access to the building’s systems were rebuffed by A.I.s.
The team decided to check out the premises and see what they could find. The bottom floor of the building was being rented for a cobbler’s shop (taking up about a third of the building) and a Thai restaurant (the other two thirds.) The top floor of the cobbler’s apartments was set up in Dr. Miek’s normal fashion. Knowing that Dr. Miek would be back to finish his experiment at noon on Saturday the team went about planning their attack.
While checking out the Thai place, The Amazon, Gauss, and The Invincible Mister Cockcroft try pho and some coconut shrimp. In the middle of their meal they notice a car with four men dressed in grey jump suits pull up across the street. They break into two teams of two. One team heads for the cobbler’s place and the other team heads for the alley. Upstairs, Lenore and Prof. Pont Neuf cut short their investigation after being warned about the arrival of the Grey Men. They exit with haste and make their way down the alley away from the locks. Lenore and the Professor head around the block and just catch sight of Team A heading into the Thai place. The team enters and approaches the counter. They ask the cashier if she has seen any of “these” people and gives descriptions of seven. The Amazon overhears them and realizes that the descriptions do not match the party.
Team 2 arrives and tells the team leader that it appears that the Site has been disturbed. Team Leader starts to radio to base for instructions, but Hephaestus has been monitoring and has already taken control of the satellite used to bounce the signal. Meanwhile, Prof. Pont Neuf has invaded and attained control of Team Leaders mind and causes him to say that everything is fine. This alerts the other members of the Grey Men and the Professor is forced to invade them all and erase portions of their memory. They leave and the party believes they have escaped detection.
On Saturday, the team set themselves up around the target site and waited for their target to arrive. The Indestructible Mr. Cockcroft took up a position on top of a building across the street. Marius and Lenore waited in a boat Marius had purchased the day before in case of enemy approach from the water. The Amazon, Prof. Pont Neuf, and Gauss took up positions at street levels. Hephaestus monitored the situation from street cams and over the air waves. It wasn’t long before Hephaestus noted Dr. Miek’s vehicle and a white van leaving the Wal-Mart/GE Building. He followed them to the locks and watched as the white van pulled into the alley behind the cobbler’s shop. Uniformed men quickly exited and ran inside with a body and some more equipment. They appeared to be heavily armed and exhibited signs of being on P7.
In the meantime The Indestructible Mr. Cockcroft failed to notice some air cover flying around among all the other flying vehicles in Seattle airspace. Going on the attack he leaped from the top of his building the top of the cobbler’s shop apartments, coming in through the roof. He ended up in the unused bedroom behind a closed door. The door did not remain closed as two of the soldiers smashed the door in and opened fire on Mr. Cockcroft. Mr. Cockcroft was hit by lead hoses from the two gaurds, to little effect.
At the same time, The Amazon is following Dr. Miek in through the front of the cobbler’s shop. She makes it up the stairs in time to see Dr. Miek enter the hall where Mr. Cockcroft is being assaulted. She takes a swipe at Dr. Miek, but he throws himself aside and avoids harm for the moment. He also activates a force field while he’s on the ground.
In the meantime, Marius and Lenore decide to draw the boat closer to the shore and the cobbler shop/restaurant. Marius breaks out the wine. Prof. Pont Neuf is now heading towards the building from his position down the street.
Gauss has taken out the air support with an EMP, causing the craft to crash a few blocks away. It draws a crowd and there aren’t that many people right nearby when Mr. Cockcroft makes his rooftop entrance. Even so, people start to gather around the Thai restaurant and the cobbler’s shop because of the gunfire and other commotions.
Those other commotions happen to be Dr. Miek who was suddenly leveled by a flying Mr. Cockcroft who exited the unused bedroom under a hail of bullets, did a Red Rover between his assailants, and leapt on top of Dr. Miek, taking him into “custody.” By this time Gauss has made it upstairs and fires at the two gunmen with his Magne-blasts, injuring one and nearly killing the other. The gunman closest to death is brought to a knee as blood sprays from a sputtering mouth. The second gunman turns and attacks Gauss. He goes in for a smackdown, grabbing and lifting Gauss into the air. Not to be left out, the Amazon rushes in to attack. She breezes by the first gunman, her axe swinging in a lazy arc. It bisects the man and his two halves fall to the floor with much blood. The other gunman, currently hoisting Gauss above his head, is cloven from head to crotch in one swift blow from the Amazon’s second attack.
It seems that the heroes have everything under control until they realize they have ignored one of the gunmen/Operatives. There was one man in the other bedroom across the hall from where Mr. Cockcroft entered the building. He has been injecting the test subject with the new P9 and now grabs up the body and leaps through the window and out across the parkway. His trajectory puts him a hundred feet out into the locks.
Currently: Party is mostly upstairs in the apartments above the cobbler’s shop. Prof. Pont Neuf is coming up the stairs, while Marius and Lenore are outside in the boat. The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft has ahold of Dr. Miek and Dr. Miek is trying to cut Mr. Cockcroft open with a laser scalpel. The Amazon and Gauss are at the back end of the top story hallway, both covered in the blood of their enemies.



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