Princes of the Universe

Episode #5: Now why would someone throw away a perfectly good white boy?

Who is the Seventh Man?

In this episode our intrepid adventurers decide to investigate the offices of Dr. Walter Hobbs, DDS. After an initial investigation (i.e. a drive by eye spy with some telepathy and Electro-Vision) a four person team was sent in to see what information could be retrieved. Upon arrival, it was discovered that a body had been dumped in a large garbage bin behind the professional building. The party collected the man and Prof. Pont Neuf did a quick medical check and care. While the man did not immediately revive, the party considered him stable enough to move as they continued in their investigation of the building, merely slinging the injured man over the shoulder of the indestructible Mr. Cockcroft.
Mr. Cockcroft’s indestructibility came to be very useful when he tripped a booby trap left to help cover the trail of the man responsible for the Quarter Bum rush. The explosion threw Mr. Cockcroft against the far wall of the hallway, but Mr. Cockcroft merely picked himself up, dusted himself off and continued inside. Fortunately, he had had the foresight to leave his unconscious charge out of harms way.
The bomb did not do a good enough job, though, and a safe was discovered in the floor of Dr. Hobbs office. Inside the safe was a note from the DoD to Dr. Hobbs requesting his “assistance” in a matter. It is not know whether Walter Hobbs accepted or declined the offer. Also inside the safe were the deeds to his two properties.
With these interesting tidbits and an unconscious and filthy man, the party returned to their hideout. Upon waking, the man referred to himself as Sterns and related to the party the name of his jailor – Dr Miek and his assistant Hans Goble.

Of further interest: Hephaestus and The Amazon: Road Trip!

While the rest of the party checked out the offices of Dr. Walter Hobbs, Hephaestus and The Amazon took a trip to Portland to see what the mysterious Mark I had to say for itself. Upon their arrival they made contact with Mark I’s minions and waited a week before all the background and fact checking was done. When they were finally ushered into his presence they found out that he was just a 14 year old kid. He spent most of his time geeking out about meeting real metahumans and showing them his immense and very illegal comic book collection. Once they were done with the introductions, though, Mark I laid out his story.
“You know, things aren’t as nice as they seem on the surface. The Four Corners are currently engaged in an arms race that will only end in some major conflict. I found some information on a drug they have developed from experimenting on metas… they call it Phylloxinol or the P-Series Enhancer. So far I think they have developed Phylloxinol 7, but it only enhances physical attributes. What they’re really gunning for is control of the major abilities. Things like magnetism, weather control, matter creation, telepathy, and like that. Once one of the Corners comes up with a viable substance it’s all over. We’re talking world domination here. Hell, system-wide domination! Do you think those fools on Mars with their mutterings of independence will stand a chance if one of the Corners cracks the code?
Last thing you two, I have it on pretty good authority that there is still a trade in Born going on. You guys are some of the last surviving Born on the planet. Anyone else you run into is probably Made. After Pantheon’s attack on the Containment Facilities their was a purge. Only a handful of Born survived and you are the only ones that seem to be free. Only time will tell I guess, but chances are good that you are it. Any other survivors seem to be on ice, traded around for favors between national units for further experimentation. Nations and corporations are hording what little material they have left, trying to make that big push so they can be ready to crush their enemies.”



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