Princes of the Universe

Episode #4: Do you have a quarter?

Haven't we met before?

After establishing themselves in their new apartments, the team tries to settle down a tad only to be interrupted by a commotion (an exploding gas station) a few blocks away. Hephaestus checks the vid feeds and police bands to find that a “creature” is running rampant near a gas station down the street. Marius jumps to the location to distract the monster while the rest of the team comes running. The creature was once a man it seems, but is now huge and distorted, his face contorted with rage and pain. A cloud of metal debris whips around him and tears through everything in range. Marius is able to handle the punishment for a time and keep the beast busy until help arrives. Quickly, Prof. Pont Neuf incohears and inhabits the creature’s mind. Barely in control, Pont Neuf runs from the populated area trying desperately to empty the rampaging beast of all his energies. The man-thing finally collapses and Pont Neuf is able to capture a few images from it’s mind. He sees a man in medical garb standing over a bum that the Professor had run into on the street while at the medical clinic. The man in the medical garb was standing in the dental offices of one Dr. Walter Hobbs, DDS.



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