Princes of the Universe

Episode #3: Sulpher Vision!

Capt. Lews and his men fight a new menace!

Captain Lews and his Crisis Response Unit are ordered to search for and destroy the escaped prisoners. A great battle is fought near the tranquil waters of Lake Union. Captain Lews nearly kills Hephaestus with a mighty blast of his Sulpher Vision, but falls beneath the onslaught of Lenore and her deadly claws. The rest of his team is made short work of by the indestructible Mr. Cockcroft, the teleporter Marius, the Amazon, and the mysterious Prof. Pont Neuf. Unfortunately, their injuries require medical attention and they decided they need to find another place of residence to boot. Grabbing two of the bodies and a new vehicle the intrepid heroes hurry to find some medical help and a new place to live.
The medical treatment comes quickly. While on a walk around the neighborhood, Prof. Pont Neuf was accosted by a strange man who delivered a metal briefcase into his hands saying only that it’s contents would be needed soon. Inside the briefcase were found IDs and Eufiber for the party members. Using their new IDs and powers the party gets some healing done and buys a new place to live… a small apartment complex on the north edge of the University District.



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