Princes of the Universe

Episode #10: Fight!

The team decides to collect some weapons for The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft...

Our intrepid heroes decide that it is time to take to the streets and show the oppressed citizens of Seattle that someone is willing to step up and fight for them. And the Invincible Mr. Cockcroft wants an improvised weapon made of the same material as the NAC combat swords carried by the soldiers. The plan is to jump in to a populated area, cause a disturbance, and start a fight with the answering soldiers in order to show the people and collect some loot.
Prof. Pont Neuf and Hephaestus hang back at the hideout to monitor the situation from outside the militarized zone. They keep watch through the headsets that the away team uses, plus the city cameras. The Amazon, Mr. Gauss, Marius, and the Invincible Mr. Cockcroft form the away team and Marius ports them to the Seattle Science Center. They appear on stage next to a performing band. Marius turns on the Mega-Appearance and Mega-Charisma and takes the stage. Everyone starts snapping pictures and cheering. The rest of the team spreads out to keep watch.
While Marius begins his impromptu speech about the evils of the NAC and this martial law, Mr. Cockcroft quickly spots a soldier atop a wall who appears to be communicating through a headset. He takes aim and leaps into battle. While Mr. Cockcroft and the soldier exchange blows and gunfire the rest of the team continues to watch for further assailants. They show up quickly and consist of four soldiers in heavy combat armor and two telepresence combat drones.
Mr. Gauss quickly fired off a Magna-ray, nearly disabling one of the drones. It fired back with a chest mounted mini-gun, but Mr. Gauss’ Magna-shield deflected the rounds harmlessly. Mr. Gauss’ attack was quickly followed up by the Amazon. Bounding forward she used her axe to finish dismantling the drone damaged by Gauss. Marius is still trying to talk to the crowd, but they are quickly dispersing and trying to get away from the danger. With one last breath into the microphone, Marius turns on his charm and commands the crowd to stand up to the oppressors and FIGHT!
Pont Neuf suddenly gets the idea that there could be invisible units approaching. And he is right! He looks at the crowds heading away from the conflict and notices four points that seem to indicate disturbances. He focuses on those and calls the rest of the team’s attention to it. At the same time, the soldiers with the drones have attacked the Amazon with laser weapons and did her severe damage. She continues to fight on and closes for melee with one of the soldiers.
The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft leaves his beaten foe and leaps into the fray with the shrouded soldiers. Mr. Cockcroft feels the bite of the NAC’s laser technology, but continues to fight. Civilians are being hammered by the troops as they futilely fight their oppressors. In a final bid for victory, Gauss pops an EMP and shuts down the soldier’s electronics. Having lost the upper hand, the NAC is forced to retreat for the moment. In that time the team is able to jump away with the help of Marius.
Epiloge: In the aftermath, Seattle is put under lockdown with death-dealing invisible snipers living on the rooftops killing anything that moves after 3pm PST. All was not lost, though, as the Sons of Tesla and the Daughters of Thetis made contact with the team through Hephaestus. While the Sons were looking for Heph specifically, the Daughters were only interested in meeting Lorraine, The Amazon.



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