Princes of the Universe

Episode #1: The Escape

You awaken to gunfire and explosions. What do you do?

Our Heroes found themselves on the floor of a smallish room, naked, with cold water showering over them. Gun shots, explosions, and screams echoed in the hallway outside. In the middle of the room was an operating table with a nude woman laid upon it. She was home to hundreds of trodes and wires and tubes. One hand was home to the crushed neck of some medical person still garbed in a blood soaked mask.
Our heroes gathered their wits and realized that heavily armed and armored men were heading in their direction killing everything in this strange facility with grenades and assault rifles. Marius, the teleporter, was able to bring everyone from the room to the surface with some help from Hephaestus for navigation. Before leaving the last thing they discovered was a vault of incandescent blue vials. Drinking the liquid in these vials helped to restore some of their strength.
Once out on the surface (much of the facility where our heroes were being held was underground) they were able to commandeer two vehicles and a laptop as well as some clothes from the dead that littered the parking lot. Firing up the vehicles, the party of escapees headed south to Seattle. In the rear-view, a couple of them spot very large and very fast dogs which seemed to be in pursuit, but were quickly outdistanced.



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