Princes of the Universe

Episode #10: Fight!
The team decides to collect some weapons for The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft...

Our intrepid heroes decide that it is time to take to the streets and show the oppressed citizens of Seattle that someone is willing to step up and fight for them. And the Invincible Mr. Cockcroft wants an improvised weapon made of the same material as the NAC combat swords carried by the soldiers. The plan is to jump in to a populated area, cause a disturbance, and start a fight with the answering soldiers in order to show the people and collect some loot.
Prof. Pont Neuf and Hephaestus hang back at the hideout to monitor the situation from outside the militarized zone. They keep watch through the headsets that the away team uses, plus the city cameras. The Amazon, Mr. Gauss, Marius, and the Invincible Mr. Cockcroft form the away team and Marius ports them to the Seattle Science Center. They appear on stage next to a performing band. Marius turns on the Mega-Appearance and Mega-Charisma and takes the stage. Everyone starts snapping pictures and cheering. The rest of the team spreads out to keep watch.
While Marius begins his impromptu speech about the evils of the NAC and this martial law, Mr. Cockcroft quickly spots a soldier atop a wall who appears to be communicating through a headset. He takes aim and leaps into battle. While Mr. Cockcroft and the soldier exchange blows and gunfire the rest of the team continues to watch for further assailants. They show up quickly and consist of four soldiers in heavy combat armor and two telepresence combat drones.
Mr. Gauss quickly fired off a Magna-ray, nearly disabling one of the drones. It fired back with a chest mounted mini-gun, but Mr. Gauss’ Magna-shield deflected the rounds harmlessly. Mr. Gauss’ attack was quickly followed up by the Amazon. Bounding forward she used her axe to finish dismantling the drone damaged by Gauss. Marius is still trying to talk to the crowd, but they are quickly dispersing and trying to get away from the danger. With one last breath into the microphone, Marius turns on his charm and commands the crowd to stand up to the oppressors and FIGHT!
Pont Neuf suddenly gets the idea that there could be invisible units approaching. And he is right! He looks at the crowds heading away from the conflict and notices four points that seem to indicate disturbances. He focuses on those and calls the rest of the team’s attention to it. At the same time, the soldiers with the drones have attacked the Amazon with laser weapons and did her severe damage. She continues to fight on and closes for melee with one of the soldiers.
The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft leaves his beaten foe and leaps into the fray with the shrouded soldiers. Mr. Cockcroft feels the bite of the NAC’s laser technology, but continues to fight. Civilians are being hammered by the troops as they futilely fight their oppressors. In a final bid for victory, Gauss pops an EMP and shuts down the soldier’s electronics. Having lost the upper hand, the NAC is forced to retreat for the moment. In that time the team is able to jump away with the help of Marius.
Epiloge: In the aftermath, Seattle is put under lockdown with death-dealing invisible snipers living on the rooftops killing anything that moves after 3pm PST. All was not lost, though, as the Sons of Tesla and the Daughters of Thetis made contact with the team through Hephaestus. While the Sons were looking for Heph specifically, the Daughters were only interested in meeting Lorraine, The Amazon.

Episode #9: Martial Law!
The NAC moves in full-force in respone to these terrorist threats!

The NAC declares martial law and moves in full force about 24 hours after the “terrorist” attack. All of the news stations start running stories featuring Marius, the masked Mr. Cockcroft, a masked Prof. Pont Neuf and a strange man made of water destroying property and killing people at the locks. At first, before the declaration of martial law, the news stations ran stories of speculation: who are these people, what is happening here? Buzz on the Web has a lot of favorable flavor, but there are also negative feelings and more questions than anything. Who are these people? What are they doing? Were people killed? Is this a hoax?
The NAC begins portraying them all as terrorists. They killed ten people with their rampage. They are officially branded as enemies of the state. In the meantime, the team is attempting to spread their counter-propaganda around the nets to whip up some support. And that from a cave in the Olympics.
Once the group had gathered back at the apartments and Dr. Miek had been taken downstairs by Prof .9, everyone was ready to relax. Unfortunately, Hephaestus gathers up some information that points to odd troop movements and hints of military power being mobilized. Using his contacts Hephaestus confirmed his fears and informed the party that the NAC would declare martial law within 24 hours.
Prof. .9 put Dr. Miek in a mental rape van and tried to extract as much information as possible from Dr. Miek before the cordon caught them.
Hephaestus starts to gather information about the force that arrives to encircle Seattle in a huge 20 mile radius. They come with heavily armed and armored soldiers, telepresence drones, urban assault vehicles, power armor, robotic vehicles, gunships, attack helicopters, detection drones [birds and bugs] and all of the detector drones have a Geiger-type device that alerts them to the presence of exotic energies.
The troops, combat mechs, urban assault vehicles and such all permeate Seattle with outposts and bases, carving the city and sharply defining the boundaries of its familiar districts. At the same time a circle has been drawn around the city, the edge forms a massive line 20km from the center of Seattle. This is where the sensor drones start their job. Their only job is to detect and relay location of exotic, meta-human energies. They come in the shape of crawling and flying bugs, cats, dogs, and birds. They get everywhere and begin to scour every inch of Seattle for the meta-human terrorists. Hephaestus does his information gathering bit and finds a lot of information on the robotic creatures. He alerts the team to the danger and they immediately begin setting up a secondary site using an old bolt hole of Marius’ in the middle of the Olympic wilderness. It takes Marius, the Invincible Mr. Cockcroft, and Gauss a bit more than a day to make the necessary changes and gather the proper items to make what was little more than a cave livable. Prof .9 is feverishly peeling layer upon layer of Dr. Miek’s mind apart to get at the juiciest bits, consuming all the information he finds there. With time growing short, Professor .9 and Lenore take his vegetative body and drain it of blood (Lenore is very gothic), leaving it in the basement of the apartment complex. The team then gathers and jumps to the Olympic Base.
Seattle settles into its state of martial law with the citizens cooperating with the heroic soldiers.

In the end, the team escaped before being detected by the NAC and have set up shop in a substandard establishment in the wilderness of the Olympics. This is the end of Part One.

Episode #8 The Hydromorph Rises
The heroes fight Dr. Miek's latest creation.

This week our intrepid adventurers finished fighting the furious Hydromorph and avoided a flyby of some NAC troops. Once the fourth man of Dr. Miek’s team hit the water, Hephaestus’ drone picked them up on its radar. Hephaestus moved Bullfrog over to the two shapes floating in the water and saw that one quickly swam for the shore while the other remained still. He alerted the rest of the team to the escaping minion and kept an eye on the floating experiment. Suddenly, the man floating in the water jerked and shook and seemed to come awake. Quickly, Bullfrog began losing visual on the man who seemed to fade into the water, losing consistency. Seconds later Bullfrog lost communication.
The team began closing in on Hydromorph’s position as well as a crowd of individuals who had been attracted by the commotion. A large crowd had started to gather. People were using cameras to catch all of the action. They were witness to the Hydromorph reaching a private yacht floating nearby. The Hydromorph was able to flow up the side of the boat and started trying to communicate with the occupants. Most of the people threw themselves off the boat and started swimming to shore, except for one woman who became cornered and frozen in fear. Marius took his boat in closer and tried to catch the Hydromorph’s attention, but not before the strange creature attacked the woman. A massive bulb of water traveled up it’s body to the end of a swinging arm, it’s weight smashing into the woman and sending her flying a hundred meters to a dock reaching out into the locks. She landed hard and smashed into some crates, skidding another twenty feet.
At this point Marius is finally able to catch the Hydromorph’s attention by ramming the yacht with his own craft. Due to the damage already inflicted by the Hydromorph, the yacht begins to sink. Marius and the Hydromorph exchange blows, neither being able to damage the other. Marius is too quick for the Hydromorph while the Hydro is to amorphous for Marius to affect with his blades.
In the meantime, Mr. Cockcroft has been using his mighty leaping abilities to their fullest effect. He launches himself from the bridge when he sees the last soldier pull himself from the water along the parkway. The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft comes down like a ton of bricks, smashing into the side of the soldier’s head and knocking him unconscious with one vicious blow. Afterwards he leapt to the aid of the woman on the dock only to find that she was near death. With another great leap he made it back to shore near where Prof. Pont Neuf was standing in the crowd and asked for the help of a doctor. Instead of a doctor, Mr. Cockcroft found a nurse, snatched her up and leapt back to the dock. The nurse was very disturbed by this and tried to get away. Mr. Cockcroft, not wanting his presence to be the cause of the damaged woman’s death, once again leapt away, this time to land next to Marius who had taken up residence on a thin jetty near where the yacht and his own craft had sunk.
During all of this, Hephaestus is still monitoring the communication satellite and finds that the Enemy is sending observers and making all of the public units (police, medical) stay back. The observers arrive quickly and are detected by Prof. Pont Neuf. He used his telepathy to invade their minds, but found it difficult at best. Once inside he realized that the difficulty stemmed from wetware. The observers were cyborgs. Working with Hephaestus, the two heroes send messages to the observers that one of their number has been compromised. One of the observers reaches over to the back of the “compromised” unit’s cranium and switches him off. The cyborg collapses and its companions drag it quickly away.
Meanwhile, The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft has leapt back to the railway bridge to try and get a better view of the missing Hydromorph which has disappeared beneath the surface of the locks. Unfortunately, this only gives him a nice view of the massive wave that the Hydromorph has created to try and crush Cockcroft. Not to mention the people who have started to crowd onto the walkway that parallels the railroad from both sides of the locks. They are taking pictures of Mr. Cockcroft and cheering him on. Marius is in the water and has been caught up in the wave. He decides to try and teleport as much water as he can in the hopes that it will cause the Hydromorph some problems. He teleports a huge ball of water out of the wave and onto the track nearly knocking Mr. Cockcroft back into the drink. The massive wave lessens and only clips the bridge, but it is enough to knock many people into the locks. A severed leg is left behind on the bridge.
Hephaestus takes command of a nearby tug and brings it around to start getting people out of the water. Marius heads back into the water near the largest group of drowning citizens and teleports them, water and all, right on top of Prof. Pont Neuf. Pont Neuf begins to do his best to resuscitate and administer care to the injured. The Hydromorph is nowhere to be seen. Hephaestus, still monitoring the communication satellite, realizes that they are sending in two Crisis Response Units along with some air support.
The team decides to make a break for it. Mr. Cockcroft jumps south making it all the way into SoDo, coming down through the roof of a city bus garage and surprising a maintenance worker. One of the Crisis Response Team air support units detected Mr. Cockcroft while in the midst of his jump and gave pursuit. They caught up to him as he exited the garage. A battle ensued. The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft took a 30mm lead hose to little effect and then set about trying to disable the sky skiff. Hephaestus joined in and together they brought it down. Marius made one final jump (having already jumped the rest of the team back to the apartments) and picked up Mr. Cockcroft.
After all was said and done, ten people lost their lives during the Hydromorph attack, Marius and The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft were filmed doing battle with said Hydromorph, and Marius was photographed by an adoring public. Dr. Miek was captured and taken back to the apartments by Lenore and The Amazon. What could possibly happen next?

Episode #7: The Set Up
The group gets ready for Dr. Miek and his cronies.

So the heroes are able to get the jump on Dr. Miek and some of his flunkies by figuring out the location of his next experiment. Dr. Miek was located on Thursday coming out of a building adjacent to the Seattle Locks. The Amazon alerted Hephaestus to the sighting and Hephaestus was able to track Dr. Miek’s vehicle to the Wal-Mart/GE Building downtown. His attempts to gain access to the building’s systems were rebuffed by A.I.s.
The team decided to check out the premises and see what they could find. The bottom floor of the building was being rented for a cobbler’s shop (taking up about a third of the building) and a Thai restaurant (the other two thirds.) The top floor of the cobbler’s apartments was set up in Dr. Miek’s normal fashion. Knowing that Dr. Miek would be back to finish his experiment at noon on Saturday the team went about planning their attack.
While checking out the Thai place, The Amazon, Gauss, and The Invincible Mister Cockcroft try pho and some coconut shrimp. In the middle of their meal they notice a car with four men dressed in grey jump suits pull up across the street. They break into two teams of two. One team heads for the cobbler’s place and the other team heads for the alley. Upstairs, Lenore and Prof. Pont Neuf cut short their investigation after being warned about the arrival of the Grey Men. They exit with haste and make their way down the alley away from the locks. Lenore and the Professor head around the block and just catch sight of Team A heading into the Thai place. The team enters and approaches the counter. They ask the cashier if she has seen any of “these” people and gives descriptions of seven. The Amazon overhears them and realizes that the descriptions do not match the party.
Team 2 arrives and tells the team leader that it appears that the Site has been disturbed. Team Leader starts to radio to base for instructions, but Hephaestus has been monitoring and has already taken control of the satellite used to bounce the signal. Meanwhile, Prof. Pont Neuf has invaded and attained control of Team Leaders mind and causes him to say that everything is fine. This alerts the other members of the Grey Men and the Professor is forced to invade them all and erase portions of their memory. They leave and the party believes they have escaped detection.
On Saturday, the team set themselves up around the target site and waited for their target to arrive. The Indestructible Mr. Cockcroft took up a position on top of a building across the street. Marius and Lenore waited in a boat Marius had purchased the day before in case of enemy approach from the water. The Amazon, Prof. Pont Neuf, and Gauss took up positions at street levels. Hephaestus monitored the situation from street cams and over the air waves. It wasn’t long before Hephaestus noted Dr. Miek’s vehicle and a white van leaving the Wal-Mart/GE Building. He followed them to the locks and watched as the white van pulled into the alley behind the cobbler’s shop. Uniformed men quickly exited and ran inside with a body and some more equipment. They appeared to be heavily armed and exhibited signs of being on P7.
In the meantime The Indestructible Mr. Cockcroft failed to notice some air cover flying around among all the other flying vehicles in Seattle airspace. Going on the attack he leaped from the top of his building the top of the cobbler’s shop apartments, coming in through the roof. He ended up in the unused bedroom behind a closed door. The door did not remain closed as two of the soldiers smashed the door in and opened fire on Mr. Cockcroft. Mr. Cockcroft was hit by lead hoses from the two gaurds, to little effect.
At the same time, The Amazon is following Dr. Miek in through the front of the cobbler’s shop. She makes it up the stairs in time to see Dr. Miek enter the hall where Mr. Cockcroft is being assaulted. She takes a swipe at Dr. Miek, but he throws himself aside and avoids harm for the moment. He also activates a force field while he’s on the ground.
In the meantime, Marius and Lenore decide to draw the boat closer to the shore and the cobbler shop/restaurant. Marius breaks out the wine. Prof. Pont Neuf is now heading towards the building from his position down the street.
Gauss has taken out the air support with an EMP, causing the craft to crash a few blocks away. It draws a crowd and there aren’t that many people right nearby when Mr. Cockcroft makes his rooftop entrance. Even so, people start to gather around the Thai restaurant and the cobbler’s shop because of the gunfire and other commotions.
Those other commotions happen to be Dr. Miek who was suddenly leveled by a flying Mr. Cockcroft who exited the unused bedroom under a hail of bullets, did a Red Rover between his assailants, and leapt on top of Dr. Miek, taking him into “custody.” By this time Gauss has made it upstairs and fires at the two gunmen with his Magne-blasts, injuring one and nearly killing the other. The gunman closest to death is brought to a knee as blood sprays from a sputtering mouth. The second gunman turns and attacks Gauss. He goes in for a smackdown, grabbing and lifting Gauss into the air. Not to be left out, the Amazon rushes in to attack. She breezes by the first gunman, her axe swinging in a lazy arc. It bisects the man and his two halves fall to the floor with much blood. The other gunman, currently hoisting Gauss above his head, is cloven from head to crotch in one swift blow from the Amazon’s second attack.
It seems that the heroes have everything under control until they realize they have ignored one of the gunmen/Operatives. There was one man in the other bedroom across the hall from where Mr. Cockcroft entered the building. He has been injecting the test subject with the new P9 and now grabs up the body and leaps through the window and out across the parkway. His trajectory puts him a hundred feet out into the locks.
Currently: Party is mostly upstairs in the apartments above the cobbler’s shop. Prof. Pont Neuf is coming up the stairs, while Marius and Lenore are outside in the boat. The Invincible Mr. Cockcroft has ahold of Dr. Miek and Dr. Miek is trying to cut Mr. Cockcroft open with a laser scalpel. The Amazon and Gauss are at the back end of the top story hallway, both covered in the blood of their enemies.

Episode #6 Trouble at the Ranch
Anyone home?

Our heroes decided to check out the properties owned by Dr. Walter Hobbs. His house in the Magnolia Dist. of Seattle was their first stop. They parked their vehicle a few blocks away. Leaving Hephaestus and Lenore in the suburban for mobility’s sake, the rest of the group proceeded on foot the residence. Dr. Hobbs rather large house was seated between two other houses of equal proportions in the middle of an expansive lawn behind well trimmed shrubbery. Prof. Pont Neuf made quick entry through the front door under somewhat inconspicuous circumstances. Once inside, the group quickly checked the immediate surroundings. The house was gutted of furniture, but heightened senses were able to detect what appeared to be gurney-type wheel tracks in the carpet and dust.
The tracks led to a closed door. After some hesitation Marius made a blind port to the other side. He discovered a gurney with a dead male body laid upon it. Next to the door Marius found a compact device; a metal cube with a small red LED “eye” in the center of the side facing the door. Assuming it was a motion sensing bomb of some type he made a quick check of the room. Finding nothing he touched the corpse and teleported back to the vehicle. Unfortunately for those awaiting word from beyond the door where taken by surprise when the booby trap under the body went off followed immediately by the door bomb. The group was fortunate that only the hardier members where close to the door and no one was badly injured.
Their position given away, Marius arrived to teleport them to the vehicle. The mistake was immediately noticeable when people near enough to notice started to run towards the party with camera phones outstretched. A couple members also noticed a police vehicle turning the corner in the direction of the house with its lights on sans siren. At that point Marius stepped forward and turned on the charm. He said something about being the Great So-and-So and having just performed an illusion of epic proportions and that he would be in town all week. At the same time the rest of the party scrambled into the vehicle and got the fuck out. Once they were clear, Marius ported in full view of the public and returned to the apartments.
While on the way back to the apartments, Hephaestus located and cracked the transmitter chip on the corpse. It contained coordinates for a location in Montana, which, it was quickly discovered, were the same as the GPS position of Dr. Hobbs ranch. The party quickly made plans to travel to Montana and check things out.
Before the group left they decided to try and check out the ranch through a satellite feed. Hephaestus hacked an observation satellite and brought it over the ranch. He was able to take several pictures, but before he could download more than two of the pics he lost contact with the satellite. The standard image contained the house and a truck parked outside. The infrared image showed a large heat source the party determined was probably a generator. The truck and hot generator raised flags as the property was supposed to be abandoned.
Taking the Mag-Lev train to Boseman, they teleported to just outside the ranch house. Sensing no immediate threats it was decided that Prof. Pont Neuf would scan for mental signatures. He detected one and dug a bit deeper for surface thoughts. The man was in the middle of a BM, reading a copy of Reader’s Digest. Pont Neuf reported his findings and the party prepared to enter.
Once again, Marius teleported the party, this time into the middle of the main living area. Lenore and Cockcroft were immediately aware of the sound of a foot scuffing the floor just through an nearby archway. A man came around the corner, his hands coming up towards the party. Lenore got the jump on him and went in for a body tackle. She hit him full on, but he braced and took the blow, keeping his feet. Walton Cockcroft followed up swiftly by picking up the living room coffee table and smashing the man in the head. The man went down, smashing the floor beneath him with the force of the blow. Down, but not out, the man’s hands came up again and a great blast of energy lept out to strike Mr. Cockcroft, blasting him into the wall. The rest of the party quickly fell upon the man with magnetic blasts (that did more damage to Marius than the foe… better luck next time Sterns), claws, and fists. Lenore nearly gutted the man with a vicious claw attack. Walton stepped in and finished him with a massive right hand to the jaw. As the light left the man’s eyes Prof. Pont Neuf was able to get into his mind and catch his last dying thoughts – “Gammy Goble, Gammy Goble. I’ve missed you so much….”
After the fight they were able to recover a computer pad before it was finished deleting all of it’s files and the contents of a safe including gold bars, wine, and a small, two-drawer file cabinet. Marius then ported them home.

Episode #5: Now why would someone throw away a perfectly good white boy?
Who is the Seventh Man?

In this episode our intrepid adventurers decide to investigate the offices of Dr. Walter Hobbs, DDS. After an initial investigation (i.e. a drive by eye spy with some telepathy and Electro-Vision) a four person team was sent in to see what information could be retrieved. Upon arrival, it was discovered that a body had been dumped in a large garbage bin behind the professional building. The party collected the man and Prof. Pont Neuf did a quick medical check and care. While the man did not immediately revive, the party considered him stable enough to move as they continued in their investigation of the building, merely slinging the injured man over the shoulder of the indestructible Mr. Cockcroft.
Mr. Cockcroft’s indestructibility came to be very useful when he tripped a booby trap left to help cover the trail of the man responsible for the Quarter Bum rush. The explosion threw Mr. Cockcroft against the far wall of the hallway, but Mr. Cockcroft merely picked himself up, dusted himself off and continued inside. Fortunately, he had had the foresight to leave his unconscious charge out of harms way.
The bomb did not do a good enough job, though, and a safe was discovered in the floor of Dr. Hobbs office. Inside the safe was a note from the DoD to Dr. Hobbs requesting his “assistance” in a matter. It is not know whether Walter Hobbs accepted or declined the offer. Also inside the safe were the deeds to his two properties.
With these interesting tidbits and an unconscious and filthy man, the party returned to their hideout. Upon waking, the man referred to himself as Sterns and related to the party the name of his jailor – Dr Miek and his assistant Hans Goble.

Of further interest: Hephaestus and The Amazon: Road Trip!

While the rest of the party checked out the offices of Dr. Walter Hobbs, Hephaestus and The Amazon took a trip to Portland to see what the mysterious Mark I had to say for itself. Upon their arrival they made contact with Mark I’s minions and waited a week before all the background and fact checking was done. When they were finally ushered into his presence they found out that he was just a 14 year old kid. He spent most of his time geeking out about meeting real metahumans and showing them his immense and very illegal comic book collection. Once they were done with the introductions, though, Mark I laid out his story.
“You know, things aren’t as nice as they seem on the surface. The Four Corners are currently engaged in an arms race that will only end in some major conflict. I found some information on a drug they have developed from experimenting on metas… they call it Phylloxinol or the P-Series Enhancer. So far I think they have developed Phylloxinol 7, but it only enhances physical attributes. What they’re really gunning for is control of the major abilities. Things like magnetism, weather control, matter creation, telepathy, and like that. Once one of the Corners comes up with a viable substance it’s all over. We’re talking world domination here. Hell, system-wide domination! Do you think those fools on Mars with their mutterings of independence will stand a chance if one of the Corners cracks the code?
Last thing you two, I have it on pretty good authority that there is still a trade in Born going on. You guys are some of the last surviving Born on the planet. Anyone else you run into is probably Made. After Pantheon’s attack on the Containment Facilities their was a purge. Only a handful of Born survived and you are the only ones that seem to be free. Only time will tell I guess, but chances are good that you are it. Any other survivors seem to be on ice, traded around for favors between national units for further experimentation. Nations and corporations are hording what little material they have left, trying to make that big push so they can be ready to crush their enemies.”

Episode #4: Do you have a quarter?
Haven't we met before?

After establishing themselves in their new apartments, the team tries to settle down a tad only to be interrupted by a commotion (an exploding gas station) a few blocks away. Hephaestus checks the vid feeds and police bands to find that a “creature” is running rampant near a gas station down the street. Marius jumps to the location to distract the monster while the rest of the team comes running. The creature was once a man it seems, but is now huge and distorted, his face contorted with rage and pain. A cloud of metal debris whips around him and tears through everything in range. Marius is able to handle the punishment for a time and keep the beast busy until help arrives. Quickly, Prof. Pont Neuf incohears and inhabits the creature’s mind. Barely in control, Pont Neuf runs from the populated area trying desperately to empty the rampaging beast of all his energies. The man-thing finally collapses and Pont Neuf is able to capture a few images from it’s mind. He sees a man in medical garb standing over a bum that the Professor had run into on the street while at the medical clinic. The man in the medical garb was standing in the dental offices of one Dr. Walter Hobbs, DDS.

Episode #3: Sulpher Vision!
Capt. Lews and his men fight a new menace!

Captain Lews and his Crisis Response Unit are ordered to search for and destroy the escaped prisoners. A great battle is fought near the tranquil waters of Lake Union. Captain Lews nearly kills Hephaestus with a mighty blast of his Sulpher Vision, but falls beneath the onslaught of Lenore and her deadly claws. The rest of his team is made short work of by the indestructible Mr. Cockcroft, the teleporter Marius, the Amazon, and the mysterious Prof. Pont Neuf. Unfortunately, their injuries require medical attention and they decided they need to find another place of residence to boot. Grabbing two of the bodies and a new vehicle the intrepid heroes hurry to find some medical help and a new place to live.
The medical treatment comes quickly. While on a walk around the neighborhood, Prof. Pont Neuf was accosted by a strange man who delivered a metal briefcase into his hands saying only that it’s contents would be needed soon. Inside the briefcase were found IDs and Eufiber for the party members. Using their new IDs and powers the party gets some healing done and buys a new place to live… a small apartment complex on the north edge of the University District.

Episode #2: The Dogs of War
Nice doggies?

Hephaestus, the Cyberkinetic, uses the laptop in combination with his powers and resources to secure an abandoned restaurant and some office space as a place to crash. Unfortunately, before they have much time to relax the Dogs arrive. The massive, drug-infused hounds try to savage the heroes, but are defeated. In the meantime, the party also realized that a group of operatives have followed an electronic signal from wetware buried in the Dog’s brains. While the cybernetics were shut down and the tracking system destroyed, it was already too late.

Episode #1: The Escape
You awaken to gunfire and explosions. What do you do?

Our Heroes found themselves on the floor of a smallish room, naked, with cold water showering over them. Gun shots, explosions, and screams echoed in the hallway outside. In the middle of the room was an operating table with a nude woman laid upon it. She was home to hundreds of trodes and wires and tubes. One hand was home to the crushed neck of some medical person still garbed in a blood soaked mask.
Our heroes gathered their wits and realized that heavily armed and armored men were heading in their direction killing everything in this strange facility with grenades and assault rifles. Marius, the teleporter, was able to bring everyone from the room to the surface with some help from Hephaestus for navigation. Before leaving the last thing they discovered was a vault of incandescent blue vials. Drinking the liquid in these vials helped to restore some of their strength.
Once out on the surface (much of the facility where our heroes were being held was underground) they were able to commandeer two vehicles and a laptop as well as some clothes from the dead that littered the parking lot. Firing up the vehicles, the party of escapees headed south to Seattle. In the rear-view, a couple of them spot very large and very fast dogs which seemed to be in pursuit, but were quickly outdistanced.


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