There was once a time of heroes. The greatest men and women of Science stood up to the aggression of The Kaiser and his allies. Germany and her conspirators were crushed and their lands divided up between the European victors. This ushered in a Golden Age of Heroes during which the greatest scientific minds on the planet were given control of the future of Humanity. Edison, Tesla, Franklin, the Curies, Volta, Faraday, Sturgeon, Shrapnel and others held the reigns for nearly a century, guiding humanity to great leaps in science and society.

Out of this new society grew the mega-corporations. At first they were seen as a boon to business and prosperity. They created jobs and new technologies, many of them created by the very super-scientists that helped to crush The Kaiser and his cronies. Metahumans began appearing with greater frequency, helping local communities and the mega-corporations to reach even greater heights of prosperity. It would not last.

Slowly, the Metas began to disappear. First it was the original Super Scientists. They faded into the background for various reasons and finally were seen no more. Those that came after also started to disappear. Often, under mysterious circumstances…

One day, all the heroes were gone and only the megacorps remained to help the people. The megacorps were in every aspect of peoples lives all across the planet as were the governments of the nations in which those people lived. The masses were given anything they wanted to keep them satisfied while megacorps and nations gobbled up every resource available, building weapons and ways off planet. Soon enough, New Vegas started construction on the dark side of the moon. Once New Vegas was completed the plan for jumping to Mars got underway. Colonies were established on Mars and plans to mine the asteroid belt went into effect.

This all happened for more reasons than I can go into here, but chief among them were the need for more resources and the overpopulation of the planet. While pollution had been largely reversed, too many people is too many people.

This is the world the characters wake up to. They are some of the heroes that, as it turns out, were captured and experimented on by the megacorps and nations that arose during the Golden Age of Heroes. These massive entities, either as a world-wide conspiracy, or individually, decided that they would rather have total control of the world than let the heroes handle things anymore. Higher profits and more leeway in their dealings undoubtedly instigated much of this mindset. The year is now 2000 with the technology of the 2050s and the heroes are about to rise again.

Princes of the Universe

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